Step Into The Most Confident Version Of You: 12 Weeks To Unstoppable Confidence

Empowered Decision Making:

Be able to make confident and clear decisions to overcome any challenge!

Enhanced Self-Image:

Transform your self-image into one of unwavering confidence and undeniable assurance for greater success!

Greater Presence in Everyday Life:

Stand out from the crowd with a newfound sense of charisma in every moment!

Increased Mental Clarity and Focus:

Say goodbye to mental fog and hello to crystal-clear focus and heightened clarity in all you do!

Boost Confidence in Social Situations:

Unleash your inner social butterfly and navigate any social setting with ease and confidence!

A Better Sense of Direction:

Chart your course for success with a newfound sense of purpose guiding your every move!

Are you ready to change your life forever?

Next Course starts Thursday 18th April 2024

Weekly Live Coaching and A Supportive Community to Help You Maintain Momentum to Connect To That Confident Version Of You.

Who Is This For:

1.Individuals facing social anxiety, or maybe experience symptoms like sweating, clammy hands, or embarrassment when interacting with strangers.

2.Those navigating significant life changes such as breakups, job loss, or dissatisfaction in current employment, leading to a lack of confidence and clarity.

3.Individuals who are challenged by self-doubt, limiting beliefs, or psychological barriers hindering personal growth.

4.Those grappling with overwhelm, procrastination, and a sense of directionlessness, seeking guidance and support to overcome these obstacles.

Transform your life TODAY

Step Into The Most Confident Version Of You: 12 Weeks To Unstoppable Confidence

Next Course starts Thursday 18th April 2024



3 instalments £33

(That’s the price of 1 night out)


12 weeks group coaching

A step by step plan to apply more confidence and focus in your life.

Interactive exercises to help understand yourself better.

Learn how you can overcome fears, blocks and limiting beliefs.

Community support and accountability.

Access to all visualizations and meditations on MP3.


My Name Is James

Just under 10 years ago, I went through a breakup, was doing a job I hated, and had no purpose or sense of direction.  I was at my lowest with very little confidence, low self-esteem, and I felt worthless.

I was so lost, confused and overwhelmed and I had no idea where to start.  I was desperate for a solution.

My health was seriously impacted and I had severe atopic dermatitis.

After a year of being in this state, I made a decision that changed my life.  I made it a MUST to find the solution I’ve been craving.  Step by step I was able to turn my life around.

During the course, you are run through this step-by-step process which I followed to build my confidence and raise my self-esteem.  This led to believing in myself again and started gave me a purpose and direction.

I believe everyone can stand in their most confident selves if they’re willing to do the work, take the action and follow the necessary steps.

Sometimes you just need someone to guide you. I’ve had many teachers and guides over the years, or which I see have led me to this point.

Over the 12 weeks, we will be discovering your key areas of focus whether that’s relationships, work, business, finances, etc, etc. Then we will look at building confidence in these areas while reducing self-doubt and overwhelm.

Once you start to create a bit of momentum, you will see your life change.

The great thing about doing this work in a group is the accountability and the safe container.  These people can be your biggest cheerleaders and really help you grow into the person you want to become.

What I can do for You:

  • Help you gain clarity on your goals.
  • Reduce overwhelm and help you get a sense of direction.
  • Combat procrastination so you know exactly what to do daily.
  • Make the process that simple it obvious what to do next.
  • Help you navigate through your fear so you can achieve success

Core Outcomes of Working with Me:

  • Create a powerful purpose/vision which makes you feel inspired.
  • Using the purpose/vision you will then create purposeful goals which are meaningful to you.
  • A plan will be created so you can take daily action to achieve your goal
  • Continual work to overcome fear, overwhelm and procrastination.
  • Create new powerful habits so you have the confidence to overcome anything which gets in your way.
  • Accountability, coaching and support.
Call me TODAY on 07812 399 890 to book a discovery call and find out how you can TAKE ACTION today.

Take Action TODAY

  • Nigel VardyClimber, adventurer & mountaineer. Known as Mr Frostbite due to a huge disaster.

    Stop putting things in your way, that you keep making up and will not go away, stop it.  Do it

  • Kylie GrimesWheelchair Rugby athlete at GBWR

    If I ever have these situations and they are not going as I wanted it too and life’s not feeling very good, I try to find another positive either in a new avenue, new journey or a new challenge.

  • Meridith Hankenson AlexanderOptimal Performance Life Coaching/ Motivational Speaker on G.R.I.T., Resilience, Overcoming Obstacles

    “I could not control my outer game but I sure as heck could play a mean inner game”

    Then she said

    “Game on”

  • Holly Dymoke-Marr

    James and I have been doing confidence coaching, mindfulness & goal setting sessions together for around 3 months now and he has been nothing but amazing. He’s great at what he does & instantly made me feel comfortable with discussing where I want to be and how I can get there, insecurities and my wellness on a whole.

    Highly recommend James for personal or corporate coaching and mentoring. Keep doing what you’re doing, James!

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