I want you to imagine a time when you were having your best day ever, your productivity was through the roof.  You were disciplined, focused and had complete clarity on what needed doing.  What would have taken you a week took you a day, you are in complete flow.

Now imagine if this could happen to your workforce.

Business Workshops

In person or Online

(Specifically aimed at individual businesses and how they can motivate and focus their workforce).

  • Understand HOW focus can help your business and why staff struggle.
  • Learn different ways staff can start to build focus.
  • Introduction to 2 key skills
  • Opportunity for staff to practice throughout sessions.
  • FREE worksheet specially aimed at staff in the workplace.
  • FREE worksheet for staff at home.

Benefits of a motivated and focused workforce:

  • More productive
  • Greater efficiency
  • Greater customer service
  • Reduced stress
  • Reduced Overwhelm
  • Better clarity

If your employee is happy at work, then they are happier at home.  It’s the same the other way around too.

  • Nigel VardyClimber, adventurer & mountaineer. Known as Mr Frostbite due to a huge disaster.

    Stop putting things in your way, that you keep making up and will not go away, stop it.  Do it

  • Kylie GrimesWheelchair Rugby athlete at GBWR

    If I ever have these situations and they are not going as I wanted it too and life’s not feeling very good, I try to find another positive either in a new avenue, new journey or a new challenge.

  • Meridith Hankenson AlexanderOptimal Performance Life Coaching/ Motivational Speaker on G.R.I.T., Resilience, Overcoming Obstacles

    “I could not control my outer game but I sure as heck could play a mean inner game”

    Then she said

    “Game on”

  • Holly Dymoke-Marr

    James and I have been doing confidence coaching, mindfulness & goal setting sessions together for around 3 months now and he has been nothing but amazing. He’s great at what he does & instantly made me feel comfortable with discussing where I want to be and how I can get there, insecurities and my wellness on a whole.

    Highly recommend James for personal or corporate coaching and mentoring. Keep doing what you’re doing, James!

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